Monday, April 25, 2011

My new thing: Walking to work

Maybe 'new thing' is overstating it. It's only been one day. I mean in all the years I've known myself, there have been many first days and few second days when it comes to my exercise regimen. But I liked walking to work. I parked about 1.5 miles from my office and walked. It took about 15-20 minutes and it was cool enough that I wasn't sweaty.

Now let's just hope I don't have an emergency because I am now 1.5 miles from a car.

(By the way, this was prompted by a New York Times article that said that the worst thing we do for our health every day is sit. The physical-activity guidelines originally suggested by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are the equivalent of briskly walking for 60 minutes per day, 5 days per week, for children under 16 years; 30 minutes per day for all others. Also, this cool graph about the percentage of people who meet those requirements by age. It reminded me how much exercise we used to get as children for just being children!)

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  1. "You [sound of fainting] walked [sound of a thud]!?!" [mumbled] "But I thought you hated walking?" [sound of the thud of a head]