Several weeks ago, I ended up in an alley, chased by a dog.

It all started when I decided to address what I call my "Jeep problem."

In my foolish, pre-green days, I purchased a Jeep Liberty (used) which gets about 20 miles per gallon (compared to a Prius' 50 miles per gallon, for example). This means that I leave tons of greenhouse gas in my wake. I am really embarrassed to be driving around in an SUV while calling myself an environmentalist.

So, what to do? Do I trade it in and just pass on my gas guzzler to the next guy? Or do I drive it into the ground, so to speak, and then buy a greener ride? This is what some people call an "econundrum."

There could, however, be a way out of this dilemma. I could reduce my driving enough to make up for the extra carbon dioxide I generate. I already group my errands to drive less. Maybe I could do more, like take the bus. The Sun Metro buses run on natural gas, which emits only half the CO2 created by oil.